Kimberly Beck


Guest Instructor

Kimberly Beck, M.Ed. is owner and operator of Relational Rewilding Nature Guiding in Colorado and has over 23 years of experience in guiding individuals and groups in becoming more eco-literate and nature connected. In a passionate quest to foster healing for both people and the planet, 11 years ago she acquired a Master’s degree in counseling with a focus on nature-based therapy and is currently an ecotherapist and ecotherapy trainer. She is also an equine therapist, master naturalist, herbalist, nature-connection facilitator, certified interpretive guide, and a dog trainer. Plants are her spirit animal, animals are her soul mates – and she collaborates with all of them in her work. Kimberly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Education and Plant Biology, teaches for Audubon Societies, Denver Botanic Gardens, and leads her own nature education programs for local communities.

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