Jonathan Collins

Jonathan Collins

Colorado Survival Instructor

Jonathan Collins was born in New Hampshire and as a child he started exploring the woods on fishing trips with his father and he never stopped exploring.
He traveled the world as an Infantry soldier for 10 years in the US army. While in the army he graduated from US Army infantry school, Airborne school, Air assault school, US Army sniper school, US Special Forces Fieldcraft Sniper training course, and US Army Ranger School. Jonathan is a certified US Army combative instructor. He also completed the combat lifesaver course, is Red Cross certified and Wilderness First Responder certified. Jonathan is POST certified search and rescue tracker and is currently taking the Introduction to Tracking course through Tracker Mentoring.
Jonathan is a graduate of UCCS with a degree in geography and environmental studies. He currently works as a map maker in Colorado Springs CO. He is the proud father of three boys, has coached countless sports team and was an Assistant Scout master with the Boy Scouts of America.
Jonathan’s interests are primitive fire making, primitive shelter building, wilderness navigation, tracking, and primitive cordage.

Instructor Certification

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Wilderness First Responder Certification

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