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This path is for the student who has taken the Ethnobotany 101 or Artisan of Plants class and wants to explore herbalism on a deeper level.


July 15-16, 2024


This path is for the student who has taken the Ethnobotany 101 or Artisan of Plants class and wants to explore herbalism on a deeper level.

Day one we dive into herbal actions and energetics and why they are important for holistic health and wellness. We prep our herbs to make Alcohol Intermediary Oils and Begin our Percolation extractions.
Day two we will finish the previous day’s preparations and learn to make Herbal Capsules, Pastilles, and Double Extraction Tinctures, as well as the benefits of choosing these preparations over other options.

We provide all the supplies and containers necessary for this class. You will leave with your own herbal preparations. For those interested in continuing to build their home apothecary, you will have the option to purchase your percolation cone kit and encapsulating machine at the end of the workshop.

​​Medicinal Plants – Just about every plant has some medicinal property to them. You can find plants that have skin healing properties, to plants that will stop bleeding, even plants that will stimulate your liver or stop you from having an asthma attack. We will show you these plants and how to effectively use them.


DAY ONE:Understanding Herbal Actions and Energetics
Importance for Holistic Health and Wellness
Herbal Preparation: Alcohol Intermediary Oils
Techniques for Extraction
Percolation Extractions
Initiation and Methods

Continuation of Herbal Preparations
Completion of Previous Day’s Preparations
Herbal Capsules and Pastilles Crafting
Practical Steps and Benefits
Double Extraction Tinctures
Methodologies and Advantages


  • Selection of Herbal PreparationsBenefits over Alternative Options
  • Supplies Provided
  • Hands-on Experience with Herbal Preparations
  • Practical Use of Herbal Medicine
  • Identification and Utilization of Medicinal Plants
  • Building a Home Apothecary
  • Option to Purchase Percolation Cone Kit and Encapsulating Machine


  • Identification of Medicinal Properties
  • Understanding Skin Healing, Hemostatic, Hepatic, and Respiratory Properties
  • Application Techniques
  • Effective Usage for Various Ailments and Conditions
  • Participants will gain in-depth knowledge and practical experience in advanced herbalism, including the creation of various herbal preparations and understanding the medicinal properties of diverse plants for holistic wellness.
Once we show you all the skills you need to know to identify plants and process them, then you can take that knowledge home and start using plants from your local area.

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