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Experience the thrill of learning essential modern survival skills in our captivating Two-Day Modern Survival course. This class is your gateway to a world of practical expertise and exciting drills, all within a condensed timeframe.


April 27-28, 2024
Aug 31-Sept 1, 2024


Experience the thrill of learning essential modern survival skills in our captivating Two-Day Modern Survival course. This class is your gateway to a world of practical expertise and exciting drills, all within a condensed timeframe.

While the term “lighter” might be used to describe this class, please rest assured that the skills imparted are just as robust and impactful. Engage in a comprehensive curriculum featuring the same skill set and engaging drills as our esteemed 3-day intensive class. The difference? Our focus shifts to the main camp area, conveniently located near vehicles, resulting in less physical movement between locations compared to the Modern Survival Intensive.

Imagine immersing yourself in an authentic, around-the-campfire ambiance where you can absorb realistic modern survival skills without the need for extensive hiking. Whether you’re driven by a desire for immersive learning with a cozy twist or simply navigating a busy schedule, our Two-Day Modern Survival class caters to your needs perfectly.

Embrace the chance to master survival skills while fostering a vibrant connection with fellow participants, all within a timeframe that aligns seamlessly with your commitments. Details of this captivating class await you below. Join us for an exciting journey that blends practicality and convenience in a way that will leave you truly prepared for any adventure that comes your way.

This 2 Day Modern Survival class is designed for the hiker, hunter, backpacker, or other adventure seeker who feel they may have a sufficient amount of survival gear and equipment and want to improve their survival skills. The course will teach students to prioritize their survival gear and utilize it effectively and efficiently in survival situations. This class focuses heavily on practical skills with an overnight survival scenario in a controlled environment, followed by a debrief on the third day.

This class is appropriate for all skill levels and even the most seasoned outdoorsman will likely learn some new tips and tricks. Completion of this class gives you a huge confidence boost and a full understanding of kit mentality.


Students will learn wilderness risk assessment and management, how to avoid potentially dangerous situations, proper gear selection and how it relates to the priorities of survival. Next we’ll teach some practical knots and expedient survival shelters that are useful in the outdoors. We’ll discuss the selection and maintenance of our most commonly used tools and gear.

This course also covers the methods of heat loss using a light weight kit to maintain our core body temperature. Splitting and processing firewood for tinder, kindling, and fuel and practicing multiple methods of modern fire starting with a focus on ferrocerium rods are some of the tasks we’ll be covering. We’ll also be making modern fire starters from readily available materials found in your home that will greatly increase your fire starting abilities.

Students will learn about waterborne pathogens and various modern purifiers. We will discuss some common misconceptions about water filtration and how to safely purify water with various types of modern gear.

Additionally, we will be covering the psychology of survival and the importance of maintaining a positive mental attitude to improve morale and cultivate a resilient mindset in a survival situation.

At the end of day two, students will undertake a practical field scenario, which will allow them to demonstrate their competency and ability to understand and respond to adverse situations. The students will then individually demonstrate their ability to build a survival shelter, process wood into a survival fire, light a fire with fire starters made earlier in the course then obtain and perform other standard survival tasks. We believe that exposure and practical use of your modern tools is the best way to determine which components work best for you.


  • Risk assessment and managementEmergency situation avoidance
  • Survival plan formulation
  • Psychology of survival
  • Rule of Three’s
  • Proper gear selection
  • Tool/gear maintenance
  • Practical knots for survival situations
  • Methods of heat loss
  • Modern fire starting techniques
  • Expedient emergency survival shelters
  • Water filtration vs purification
  • Survival kit mentality


  • How to identify potential dangers in the environment and situational awareness
  • Have a deeper understanding of the psychology of survival
  • Priorities of survival using modern methods and gear
  • Understand the methods of heat loss and how to sustain core body temperature
  • How to make and sustain a fire using modern methods and devices
  • How to build temporary shelters using modern materials such as tarps, trash bags, and paracord and how to securely construct a shelter with the most effective knots
  • Understand the difference between water filtration and purification and the skills to make water safe to drink
  • What to put in your survival kit and how to effectively use and maintain it

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