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Enjoy the best of a Colorado wilderness immersion with our Survival Skills Training & Backcountry Hiking Adventure. Recharge in nature's embrace by unplugging from the modern world. Join us to discover the beauty of nature together, embracing both challenges and rewards.


August 10-14, 2024


Join us at the TSU main camp on August 10th for our 2-Day Survival For Beginners Course to build the hard skills and confidence to adventure out into the backcountry. This core training is for outdoor enthusiasts who want to learn the basics of wilderness survival and what essential gear to keep in your pack at all times. Then, on August 12th, we will take those essential base camp skills and practice in the wild during our journey into the backcountry!

For our 3-Day Backcountry Hiking Adventure, we welcome you on an unforgettable journey through diverse terrain that will lead us to breathtaking views and epic swimming holes in the wildness of Colorado.Unplug from the modern world and renew your energy with an opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

As a group, we will embrace the challenges and rewards that await us and find connection and joy in our shared experience.

Practice invaluable wilderness skills like fire-making, foraging, working with your knife, shelter and knotts. Along with the hard skills, instructor Jess Caldwell will guide you through experiences that will root you deeper into connection with nature, engage the senses and help build intuition.

Sleep under the stars, share stories by the campfire, breathe in the crisp mountain air and jump into the river to cool off from a long day of hiking in the August sun.

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