Humans are no longer built to survive in the wilderness with nothing. Our most powerful tool is our brain, and with the use of it we discovered tools and fire. Our ancestors started out by creating primitive tools and we have since refined these tools and unfortunately, many of us have lost the knowledge on how to create these tools. Therefore, we suggest that you bring a certain amount of tools with you when headed out into the backcountry. When it comes to survival in the wilderness, there are a few items that we feel are a must have to make a situation much easier. Here is the list of the items that we recommend that you take with you into the wilderness.


  1. Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife
  2. Adequate Fire Starting Tools and Tinder
  3. Proper Clothing
  4. Rain Gear
  5. Metal Water Bottle / Cooking Pot
  6. Medical Kit
  7. Water Filter/Purification
  8. Shelter (Tent, hammock, ground pad)
  9. Map & Compass
  10. Food or ability to procure food