The Split Stick Figure 4 deadfall trap is much like the Figure 4 deadfall trap but takes a little less processing time. While the Figure 4 is one of the harder traps to master, once you figure it out, you can create them fairly quickly.

In a survival situation, you could produce 10 or more of these traps in a short amount of time and set them all up to maximize your chances of procuring food.

While I use a saw and knife to reduce processing time, you can create this trap using nothing but a sharp stone to cut and an abrasive stone to grind down the angles. But because I believe in being prepared, I always have my survival kit with me which has all of my survival gear in it, which includes a hatchet, saw and a good bushcraft knife. Furthermore, you can scale this trap down to catch something as small as a mouse or big enough to take out larger game or predators.