In this video I cover some basic ways to set up a spring pole for a snare trap. ​

You want a spring pole to move through the air as fast as possible so to aid in that, you will want to remove wind resistance by removing branches that are not needed.

Sometimes there are only large trees where you want to set up your spring pole. A large tree does not bend very easily so you will want to get a spring pole that does and attach it to the large tree.

Finally, you might want to put up a spring pole where there are no trees. Sound impossible? Its not! This video will show you a quick and easy way to put a spring pole exactly where you want it, even if there are no trees. Happy trapping!



Know your local laws. Trapping is highly regulated and is illegal in many states. Trapping is also indiscriminate and will kill or harm cats, dogs, endangered species, humans and other unintended prey. Do not trap unless you are in a survival situation and if domestic animals are not present. All traps assembled by Colorado Mountain Man Survival are immediately dismantled or made harmless after our demonstrations.