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With decades of collective experience and a passion to share our knowledge, The Survival University team is dedicated to preparing you for any outdoor challenge or adventure. Our 20+ resident and guest Instructors offer professionalism and expertise in their respective fields. We provide an inclusive, welcoming and fun learning environment for nature lovers of all ages. Our beautiful campus in the mountains of Colorado provides an immersive experience for those wanting to have an unforgettable learning experience. 

With over 2,000 students who have chosen The Survival University as their resource for outdoor education, we are committed to offering the best skills training with a focus on empowering individuals and families to venture into the wilderness with confidence.

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Why We Started Survival University

The Survival University was established in 2015 by Founder Jason Marsteiner. With a long history as a consultant for preparedness and survival, Marsteiner realized there was a need to educate and teach his clients through hands-on training. As the demand for training grew, with Jason as the lead wilderness survival instructor, so did our vision to welcome students to a campus that was abundant in natural resources.  Now with 1,000 acres of pristine land (and growing), TSU is able to provide a unique opportunity to immerse students into the wild in a safe and structured environment. Now with over 20 + instructors who are all experts in their fields, The Survival University has grown to become a leading organization in outdoor education and wilderness survival skills training. 

Choose your own adventure from our many course offerings. From Ethnobotany to our Hunt, Gather & Cook classes, we offer invaluable knowledge to increase self-sufficiency. Our Wilderness Medical Training provides a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Certification that is Nationally recognized. We offer adult, family, youth and women’s only courses taught by passionate experts who love what they do. Consider an adventure retreat or one of our wilderness immersion experiences including backcountry backpacking. For those who dream of a career in the outdoor industry or for those seeking an unforgettable and life changing learning experience, TSU created the 50-Day Instructor and Wilderness Immersion Program.

Interested in private training, team building or corporate events? Visit our Contact Page and email us with your inquiries. 

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