Student Testimonials

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  • Adam S.
    I attended a class in early April of 2018 and had a great time. The pace of the class was perfect. It gave us time to learn and practice the skills that we covered. Jason and his crew teach the skills step by step and even take time to walk you through it one on one if you are struggling. Can't wait to take another class.
    Adam S.
  • Jonathan C.
    I took the 5 day survival course and I highly recommend it to others. Whether you are a novice or have some experience you will learn something. I have already signed up for some more classes.
    Jonathan C.
  • Ian N.
    Highly recommended for anyone interested in learning how to survive! From the detailed instruction to hands-on application - this school has absolutely everything!
    Ian N.
  • Michelle S.
    I attended the 5 day wilderness survival training. It was everything I was hoping for. Jason is a great instructor and incredibly patient. I was challenged and I had a great time.
    Michelle S.
  • Matt B.
    I went to this not knowing exactly what to expect, and I was completely impressed with the level of professionalism and the incredible skill Jason has as an instructor. Whether you’re a hard core survivalist or just someone who likes the outdoors and wants to try something a little different, I guarantee you’ll be impressed. I can’t wait to go back and bring my friends!
    Matt B.
  • RJ D.
    Took the 5-day beginner survival course. Jason was great, he was very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient at all times (especially with new and younger students). Learned a great deal with hands-on knowledge and I now feel much more confident in the woods.
    RJ D.
  • Matt W.
    Took the 5-day Survival course and all I can say is... WOW! It was one of the most Epic things I have done and that's saying a lot. I learned even more than I had expected and all of my expectations were exceeded. I would recommend this to anyone interested and I will be back next year if not sooner. Thanks Jason and Matt for sharing your extensive knowledge on all subjects.
    Matt W.
  • Melissa N.
    This was such a great experience for anyone, any skill level and all ages. I took the 3-day course. I was there with some experienced folks as well as some kids who had never been outdoors. Jason is awesome! He will give you as much or as little help as you need and is very knowledgeable. I attended this course alone, but want to go back with my girlfriends for the 5-day. This would be better than any girls beach trip!
    Melissa N.
  • Matt T.
    Jason is a great guy and is highly skilled Survival Instructor! You won’t be disappointed with your training experience!!!
    Matt T.
  • Kelley B.
    I went to one of Jason’s classes this summer and had so much fun. I was able to learn more survival skills so I feel more confident in the outdoors and also practice the ones I already knew. His teaching style is effective because he shows the class the techniques then goes around and works more one on one with those who need it but gives you the freedom to work it out on your own so that you really grasp the concept and feel confident in it yourself. I will definitely be going to more of his classes in the future
    Kelley B.
  • Keith B.
    My wife and I learned valuable skills while we had a great time practicing them in a real environment, testing our abilities under the supervision of knowledgeable and supportive instructors. Jason and Matt are both expert survival instructors. Recommended!
    Keith B.
  • Shannon W.
    I had the honor of spending 2 days with Matt as my instructor. He was patient yet had expectations that pushed me outside of my comfort zone. It was exactly what I needed and wanted. They provided an environment that was perfect for learning with hands on training. Highly recommended!
    Shannon W.