1Why should I consider enrolling in a The Survival University course?
There are many reasons for you to take a class with us, really it is for you to decide What's Your Reason. However, wilderness training courses are not just for the extreme outdoor adventurer or military personnel, they are geared for anyone who spends time in the outdoors either because they simply want to be better prepared for whatever they are doing or for those that want to learn the skills necessary to take on a new adventure or challenge. Many take them just to reconnect with nature, to take an adventure, become more independent, a personal challenge, invest in yourself, to more able to help others, or just because its fun. Whatever your reason is, we know you will walk away having gained more knowledge and with a great experience.
2What kind of people enroll in your courses?
Our students truly come from all backgrounds and represent a wide variety of interests and outdoor experience. We have seen all ages from 6 years old up to students in their 70’s with the most common students being in their 30’s or 40’s, both male and female. Many experienced outdoor adventurers register for our classes because they have realized that while they have vast experience in their outdoor hobby of their choice, they don’t have survival experience and are unfamiliar as to what to do should something go wrong. But we also see a large amount of students that have no outdoor experience whatsoever and wish to gain the skills so that they can become more comfortable when they head into the outdoors.
3Can women attend your classes?
Absolutely yes!!! We are quite frankly surprised this is even a question but it is asked a lot. Women are welcome to all of our courses. Our classes are appropriate for everyone that enjoys the outdoors or are interested in the skills that we teach.
4Can my child attend your classes?
Our basic and standard classes are all child friendly so long as you feel they are mature enough for the experience. Any person under the age of 18 must have an adult or guardian present at all times. We will be handling knives, starting fires and performing other related tasks so we expect a certain amount of maturity. Starting fires outside of class time, using knives inappropriately or damaging property or trees will not be tolerated. We want you and your child to have fun but if there are continued disruptions to class, we may have to ask you to take appropriate actions to stop the disruptions.
5Is outdoor experience required?
No experience is required for any of our basic or advanced courses, however we do recommend that you take our basic or standard courses, or have previous equivalent experience before jumping in to our more advanced courses. Whether you have only car-camped, have hiked all of Colorado’s 14'ers, and/or are an experienced outdoorsman we are confident that you will learn something from taking our classes and enjoy your experience.
6How tough are the courses?
This is a difficult question to answer as everyone’s skillset and mindset are different. No matter what your toughness threshold is, we make every attempt to cater to your experience level (within reason) and make your time with us enjoyable while testing your abilities. We aren’t glamping, the classes aren’t meant to be easy, and that’s the point but we have never had a student not be able to physically or mentally complete a course.
7Where is the training location?
Our primary training location is located at 71 Monarch Drive, Cripple Creek CO 80813 about 15 minutes outside of Cripple Creek Colorado. We run our basic and standard classes on about 1000 acres of private land. Our Advanced classes are held at a semi-remote location about 30 minutes from main camp. Cripple Creek is a short 50 minute drive from the Colorado Springs Airport and less than a 2 hour drive from Denver International Airport.
8What equipment do I need to bring?
You will not need much gear to take our courses. When you register for a course, we will send you a complete equipment list and it can also be found online HERE. Some items will be “required” and others will be “suggested.” Your most important items are your typical camping gear and a good knife.
9There are multiple people in my group, do we all have to bring gear or can we share what we have?
While you can share most of your typical camping gear, we highly recommend that you bring your own “required” tools found on the gear list HERE. Any items on this list that you do share will greatly slow down your learning process. It is highly recommended that each of you have your own knife and ferro rod.
10Can I bring my dog with me?
Dogs are allowed so long as they are obedient, good around other people and are not aggressive towards other dogs. If your dog has not been socialized withother dogs, please do not bring them.Keep in mind that we are in a wilderness setting and wild animals do pass through or near camp from time to time. If your dog is prone to chasing animals such as deer and elk, we may ask you to leash them should it become a problem. We understand that dogs will be dogs, but if your dog becomes a nuisance to other students and/or training activities, we may have to ask you to leave or take your dog home. Bringing small dogs is HIGHLY discouraged as they tend to be aggressive towards all other dogs they are not familiar with and are easy prey for owls, hawks and other predators.
11What facilities do you have on site?
We know what’s on your mind. You do not have to poop in the woods. While we do not have running water, there is a porta-potty at our main camp. Without running water, there are no modern means to bath but we do have the ability for you to do so during the spring/summer/fall months. A city water supply is near camp where we can fill our solar shower to bath. The water is also potable so you may fill your water bottles to stay hydrated or for cooking purposes. We also have a large 20 man wall tent and a smaller 10 man wall tent complete with wood burning stoves for you to use at your leisure.
12Do I have to sleep in a primitive shelter?
No. Not unless you want to. We are teaching you about survival not thrusting you into a survival situation. Unless of course you take one of our advanced courses. For all of our basic and standard courses you may sleep in your own tent, car, camper or whatever it is you choose to sleep in. If you do not have a tent you can choose to sleep in one of our wall tents or you can sleep in a primate shelter. If you sleep in one of our wall tents, keep in mind that you may have to share it with others.
13Okay, how do I register for a course?
Simply find the course in which you are interested in on our Class Calendar, and then click the Register link.
14What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept check, money orders and credit card (including Pay Pal, Visa, Master Card, and American Express).
15What is your payment policy?
Class participation is limited so we do not make reservations unless students are paid in full. To reserve placement in one of our programs, participant must pay 100% of the total course fee. Colorado Mountain Man Survival LLC reserves the right to consider special exceptions to this payment policy on an individual participant basis.
16What is your cancellation/refund policy?
You can find our refund policy HERE