50-Day Wilderness Immersion Program

TSU offers comprehensive outdoor skills training that integrates all of our core courses into one summer program.

Enroll in the ultimate summer outdoor wilderness immersion and become confident as an advanced outdoorsman/outdoorswoman. There is no prerequisite to attend other than an innate passion to learn and an internal drive to take on this life changing challenge. Participants will live in a primitive shelter that they will build and attend our full summer program of courses. Increase mental strength and fortitude while developing resiliency. Whether you are currently an outdoor professional wanting to increase your skill set or a novice who wants an immersion program to fast track their competency, the 50-Day Wilderness Immersion has been created for the diversity of our students and their unique goals. The program will include a solo experience that will allow each student the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned to safely and confidently navigate the basics of wilderness survival to complete their learning journey.

The Survival University welcomes you to our most comprehensive training to advance your skills in the beauty of the Colorado Mountains. The 50-Day Wilderness Immersion Program is a transformational journey that will foster personal growth, build leadership skills and advance your knowledge of bushcraft and wilderness living.

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  • Psychology of Survival
  • The Priorities of Survival
  • Survival Kit Preparation
  • Primitive Hygiene/Sanitation
  • Enhance creativity and critical thinking skills
  • Choosing and using tools for Survival (both primitive and modern)
  • Fire Craft (both primitive and modern)
  • Survival Shelters (both primitive and modern)
  • Finding, Filtering, and Purifying Water
  • Passive techniques for Food (Land and Water Based)
  • Edible, Useful, and Medicinal Plants (seasonal)
  • Stone tools
  • Knot Tying
  • Primitive Tool Making
  • Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Uses (seasonal)
  • Camp Craft & Bushcraft Cooking
  • Making rawhide from the hide and processing it into useful cordage.
  • Primitive container-making with natural materials
  • How to build an entire bush kitchen from nothing.
  • Primitive Hand drill and Totally Primitive
  • Bow Drill; Bark cordage
  • Advanced Survival Trapping/ We will cover several primitive and modern traps.
  • Basket Fish Traps & other useful survival fishing tactics
  • Camp Craft and Bushcraft
  • Wilderness Medicine
  • Mental Strength
  • Situational Awareness
  • Physical Performance
  • Physical Exertion Stress
  • Metabolic Recovery
  • Adaptability
  • Crisis Management 
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Basic plant identification and utilization
  • Fire starting techniques and maintaining fires | importance of fire as a tool
  • Building expedient and long term survival shelters
  • Water procurement
  • Food procurement (primitive trapping/primitive fishing/insects as food)
  • Water filtration vs purification
  • Stone tool creation and utilization
  • Plants as tools
  • Knife skills
  • Crisis action planning
  • Signaling

Upon completion of our 50-Day Wilderness Immersion Program, students will receive a nationally recognized certification as a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) along with 500 hours of in the field training that can be applied to the advancement of any profession in the outdoor industry.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn from many different outdoor educators from our resident TSU instructors to guest instructors who have developed unique programs to advance your skills. Our team includes some of the best educators in the industry and has also been selected for their ability to create a warm and welcoming learning environment. Graduates of our 50-Day Wilderness Immersion have shared with us that this experience has been life-enhancing as there are benefits far beyond wilderness skills training.  A nature immersion is a complete reset of the nervous system and will offer an insight into nature's intelligent design. Build confidence and leadership skills as well as meet lifelong friends through the extended TSU family. 

Ready to enroll in this life-changing experience?


50-Day Wilderness Immersion Program

Upon Completion of this Program You will:

  • Attain comprehensive wilderness survival skills through hands-on training and experiential learning.
  • Earn a nationally recognized Wilderness First Responder Certification from Offgrid Medic LLC.
  • Master primitive and modern survival techniques.
  • Enhance your leadership qualities and empowerment through our immersive training experience.
  • Cultivate self-reliance and adaptability in unpredictable environments.
  • Receive personalized guidance and mentorship from experienced instructors throughout the program.
  • Immerse yourself in nature and connect deeply with the wilderness, fostering a profound appreciation for the outdoors.
  • Build lasting friendships and a supportive community with fellow participants on this transformative journey.


Jason Marsteiner

Jason Marsteiner - Lead Instructor

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Jess Caldwell

Jess Caldwell - Lead Instructor

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Jason Nauert

Jason Nauert - Wild Game Butchering Instructor 

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Matt Boger (22 Year Army Ranger - Retired)

Matt Boger (22 Year Army Ranger - Retired) - Navigation Instructor

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Ruben Rodriguez Jr.

Ruben Rodriguez Jr. - Resident Colorado Survival Instructor

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Tanner Morrison

Tanner Morrison - Resident Colorado Survival Instructor

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Aaron "Hutch" Hutchings

Aaron "Hutch" Hutchings - Outdoor Educator & Wilderness Survival Instructor/TSU Youth Program Director

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Jonathan Collins

Jonathan Collins - Resident Colorado Survival Instructor

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Mark DeJong (Offgrid Medic LLC)

Mark DeJong (Offgrid Medic LLC) - Guest Wilderness First Responder Instructor

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Mushroom Mike Essam (State Certified)

Mushroom Mike Essam (State Certified) - Guest Mushroom Expert

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Cattail Bob

Cattail Bob - Guest Wild Edible Instructor

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Kirsten Zulyevic (Survival Betty)

Kirsten Zulyevic (Survival Betty) - Guest Medicinal Plant Instructor

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Please Note:

Guest instructors may change throughout the years, but will be substituted with equivalent experts in the field and this list will be updated accordingly.

50-Day Wilderness Immersion Program


The program will be held on private land near Cripple Creek Colorado. We have over 5000 acres across two unique and diverse locations, making us one of the largest survival schools globally. We will be at 9500 feet elevation and often it takes students a few days to acclimate.  You will be given a large tarp to create a temporary shelter and will make a primitive shelter during your time with us. Leave your tent and hammock at home as we strive to give you an authentic learning experience. We will provide fire pits for cooking food, wood for burning and one bin for storage in our onsite trailer. A porta-potty is also located on-site.


  • 5 Day Outdoor Survival Basics 101

  • Intro to Animal Tracking 

  • Austere Cooking 

  • 5 Day Outdoor Survival Skills Intermediate 201 

  • Wild Plant Walk 

  • Ethnobotony 101 

  • Wilderness First Responder 

  • Mushroom Hunting 101

  • Mountain Stream Survival Expedition

  • 3 Day Land Navigation 

  • 3 Day Advanced Land Navigation 

  • Survival Hiking Trip 

  • 5 Day Survival Challenge



Participants of the 50-day Wilderness Immersion will attend all of our summer public courses. Therefore other students will be attending the scheduled courses with our 50-Day program participants.


Due to the inherent dangers of survival training, we make no guarantees of safety and all students should seek medical advice and clearance from their personal physician before attending any event with Colorado Mountain Man Survival LLC. Registration for any of our events constitutes acceptance of the Colorado Mountain Man Survival LLC Waiver and you will be required to sign and return a copy of the Waiver. Hunting/Trapping Disclaimer: Colorado Mountain Man Survival LLC is bound by Local, State and Federal Laws and is not a licensed outfitter. We will not perform any trapping, hunting or fishing during class hours and it is forbidden to do so by students during class time. We will teach you techniques, but not physically perform these tasks. Students may perform these activities on their own accord and without direction from instructors, after class, with proper licensing. Colorado Mountain Man Survival, LLC., accepts no responsibility for any student that chooses to partake in these practices during or after class.

Be Prepared

Ready to enroll in this life changing experience?

50-Day Wilderness Immersion Program


We have a well on campus and provide potable water for drinking. Well water can be used in our private solar shower for bathing.

All program participants will bring their own food and we encourage you to bring your own cooler. There will be periodic resupply breaks throughout the program. We ask that you not eat out at restaurants during your immersion but that you bring food back to camp to prepare.


There is a Walmart and several hardware stores within a short drive so you will be able to purchase items that you may have forgotten or that need replaced. We will provide you with a recommended gear list. We do have a gear store on our website and would appreciate it if you supported us by purchasing items through us directly.


Participants are asked to arrive in their own vehicle to our campus. If you need transportation to or from the airport or bus station, please contact us.



$5495 per student. Payment plans are available through Affirm which can be accessed through the checkout page.

Refund Policy for 50-Day Wilderness Immersion 

There are no refunds for our 50-Day Wilderness Immersion Program. Leaving the program early constitutes either a forfeiture of funds or you may return to take the remainder of the course the following year. You may also choose to use the funds towards other courses within our core summer programs. Your credit will be good for 3 years.


Contact us to set up a payment plan. Payment plans will be accepted with a $1000 down payment with monthly installments of the remaining balance. You must make payment in full before attending the course. There will be no refund of down payments or other payments made. See the above refund policy.


Ready to enroll in this life changing experience?

50-Day Wilderness Immersion Program